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Quick Start

This document provides quick start guide to get Xcode builds running via TFS 2010 Team Build


The following are required to automated Xcode builds with TFS:
  • A Mac running Xcode 4
  • TFS 2010
  • TFS 2010 Team Build Server
  • Xcode source code under TFS version control (I use

Prepare the Mac build computer

  1. Create a build user account
    1. System Preferences->Users & Groups->Add a new user
  2. Enable SSH
    1. System Preferences->Sharing
    2. Enable Remote Login
  3. Ensure the latest Xcode 4 app is installed and functional

Prepare the Team Build Server

  1. Download the source and compile or download the binaries for TFS Xcode Build
  2. Add the assemblies to TFS Source Control
    1. This should be a central location where all custom build assemblies would be kept
  3. Add the XAML Build Templates (XcodeBuildTemplate.xaml) to TFS version control
    1. This can be kept anywhere, but someplace central is best
  4. Check in the custom assemblies and build template
  5. Update the build controller to reference this custom assembiles location
    1. Open Team Explorer
    2. Expan a Team Project, right click on Builds and select Manage Build Controllers
    3. Select the appropriate build controller and click Properties
    4. Select the above path in version control to locate the custom build assemblies
  6. Save and close all dialogs

Create a new Build Definition

  1. Open a Team Project in Team Explorer
  2. Right-click on the Builds node, select New Build Definition
  3. Enter in the desired details in the General and Trigger tabs
  4. In the Workspace tab, ENSURE that the only mapping which exists points to the directory containing the .xcodeproj package/folder
  5. In the process tab, Expand the template section
  6. Click the New button (first build definition for this Team Project only)
  7. Browse to the XcodeBuildTemplate.xaml checked in earlier
    1. Your choice whether or not to copy it into the current Team Project or use the central copy
  8. Enter in the desired build properties (see Build Template Arguments for a description of the parameters)
  9. Save the build definition

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